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4/27/10 Writing and Publishing News

April 27, 2010

Tags: copyright, free speech, writers

Which classic is still banned in many countries? Epic fail for Everybody Draw Muhammad Day. Why you shouldn’t fall asleep with your e-reader. Don’t self-publish until you find out this major downside. These and other stories are in this week’s Write Report.

4/21/10 Writing and Publishing News

April 21, 2010

Tags: Amazon, free speech, libel, publishing news, writers

Why is Amazon suing an entire state? Who’s suppressing whose free speech? Writers have managed to offend which three religions this week? These and other headlines are in this week’s Write Report.

Guest post on The Top Five Characters Who Might Be Watching

April 20, 2010

Tags: writing tips, witnesses, observers, characters, manga

Need a character? My guest post on The Aspiring Mangaka & Writers Club blog talks about five legal characters who make great witnesses and observers for any genre.Titled The Top Five Characters Who Might Be Watching, the post is about some people operating in the legal system who move around enough or who have enough information that they might be useful to your stories. If you’re writing a murder mystery, you need witnesses. But many other stories need someone to see something happening to move the plot forward. (more…)

Guest blog this week is on Working Writers Blog

April 19, 2010

Tags: writing tips, legal writing

My guest blog on Working Writers this week is called Don’t Make Me Throw Your Book Across the Room: Top Ten Ways You Can Alienate the 1.1 Million Lawyers Who Are Also Readers.

If you haven't checked out the Working Writers website, you (more…)

Guest blogging on Moniqueblog!

April 15, 2010

I've been guest blogging! This week I posted a piece about how Desperate Housewives totally messed up pregnancy discrimination. Guest Post on Moniqueblog

If you haven't checked out Moniqueblog, it's worth a look. Moniqueblog is run by Monique Jones, a senior majoring in journalism at UAB and (more…)

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