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The Good Wife Doesn't Know Much About Mediation

March 23, 2011

Tags: writing tips, The Good Wife, Fairly Legal, mediation

Why the heck canít TV shows get mediation right? I mean, if a comedy like The Wedding Crashers can do it, why not courtroom dramas? Fairly Legal has made a mockery of what mediation is about, but I expect USA shows to be silly. Now comes The Good Wife, and I usually expect better from them. Iím a mediator, and this kind of error hurts my feelings because the writers clearly donít give a hoot about getting mediation right. Mediation is suddenly popular with writers, so why wonít they find out what really happens in a mediation session?

Getting it wrong

Hereís just some of the stuff I keep hearing on TV about mediation thatís glaringly stupid.

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