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The Good Wife Does Objections Right, Circumstantial Evidence Wrong

February 6, 2010

Tags: circumstantial evidence, eyewitness testimony, hostile witness, objections, The Good Wife, writing, writing tips

It doesnít take much to give me a thrill when Iím watching a legal drama. Even the tiniest bit of law done right can make me happy. Yes, Iím probably easily amused. But when a screenwriter gets it right, I jump for joy because itís so darned rare.


When I was watching The Good Wife last week, the lawyer was examining a witness using leading questions. In general, leading questions are ones with yes or no answers. Opposing counsel objected to the leading questions. The lawyer conducting the examination responded that the witness was hostile and he was allowed to lead.

When the judge overruled the objection, I was happy beyond words. That tiny bit of correct procedure added to my viewing pleasure. Hereís what was going on that they got right.

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