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What Happened In Vegas Was Opposite Reality

I watched What Happened in Vegas over the weekend. I figured with the ever-charming leads of Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, it was hard to go wrong. The story was light and cute – perfect for wasting time instead of working on my outline.

However, the basic plot bothered me throughout. The writers had their opposites-attract protags meet and drunk marry in Vegas, then win a $3 million jackpot. They realize they’ve made a huge mistake. They’re both from NY, so they try to divorce there. Here’s where the plot goes to Oppositeville.

The judge orders them to live together and try to work things out before he’ll grant the divorce. And he won’t let either use the money until they do. Huh?

In NY, unless there are grounds (which don’t include irreconcilable differences, since they’re not a no-fault state) they need to separate for a year before divorcing. So the judge just made their marriage even longer. They could have tried to annul, but the writers didn’t go there. Why pick New York? It’s the last state in the union that doesn’t allow no fault divorce. It is the only one that would therefore require a separation, not a weird mandated togetherness period.

What could the writers have done to fix this?

Read the answer in The Write Report.
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