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In Entourage, Ari Gold Should Have the B**** Arrested

If you’re following Entourage, you’re familiar with the latest plotline where an agent left Ari Gold’s talent agency along with a bunch of tapes of his inappropriate comments. And if you know anything about the Ari Gold character, you can just imagine that there were a ton of inappropriate slurs, jokes and disgusting comments. Frankly, someone should have sued his agency for sex, race, national origin, and sexual orientation harassment long ago. But my sympathies here are with Ari, and the whole plotline is making me squirm.

That’s because the agent taped the conversations illegally, and this is one of my pet peeves in commonly used lazy plotlines. California, along with 11 other states, requires two-party consent to taping, meaning all parties to the conversation have to agree to be taped. Otherwise, it’s a crime. The tapes wouldn’t be admissible in court other than the criminal prosecution against the illegal eavesdropper.

It’s probably too late for this plotline, but what I think Ari should have done is have her hauled out in handcuffs. Instead of having the perps arrested, most TV and book writers have the taping victim quiver and shake at the prospect of their words being used against them. Wouldn’t it have been fun to see Ari’s conversation with her in the jail visiting room? I’d have loved to see him crow to his staff that if they cross him he’ll have them arrested too. Classic Ari.

So this season I’m a little ticked off at one of my favorite shows for lazy writing. Still, if you’re not watching Entourage (and don’t mind foul language and nudity) you’re missing one of the best, funniest shows on TV.
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